PEPA  focuses on providing quality education to vulnerable children and youth  as well as developing their talents.
Access to quality education is a everyone's best chance for a brighter future. An educated child is more likely to avoid disease, gain employment and will have more options in life.



PEPA  works with children, families and communities to strengthen their capacity to take more responsibility for their health and wellbeing. We provide education and advice on helping families about their health. We also work together with other partners on health promotion initiatives within schools and in the community. This program addresses issues that affect their health through the support and self-help groups that offer peer education. As such, our Program contributes to the development of healthy communities.

We encourage people and parents to adopt healthy lifestyles to improve their health and the health of their children.
This is implemented through;

a. Discussions with the women’s groups in the communities.
b. Health sessions in the clinics, schools, kindergartens.
c. The distribution of printed health education materials.
d. Health campaigns: breastfeeding and child nutrition.
e. The international child day activities.

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