We offer volunteering opportunities to people from walks of life to experience new cultures and challenges of living in developing countries as well as the opportunities to learn new things in life.

The volunteer program is for people aged 18 years and over, who are keen to see and experience more of the world in a very personal and direct way. The intention is to give participants an opportunity to live and work in a local community. An opportunity to really get to know the culture and the people, and to gain an understanding of what it is to live in a developing country. An opportunity to make a difference.

You will be living, working and socializing with people in various communities – this is an amazing opportunity to partake on a cross-cultural exchange of ideas, language, culture and customs between two very different worlds. We can learn so much from each other if we remain non-judgmental and take the time to get to know people and issues before forming an opinion. Travel is the ultimate way to challenge our perceptions, values and beliefs in life. It creates lasting friendships and memories of a fascinating country, which would not be achieved as a tourist.

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Typically, we expect our volunteers to come through several volunteer placement agencies worldwide